Goal 7: History of Modern Western Civilization

To fulfill my honors class requirement in spring semester, I took History 110: The History of Modern Western Civilization as an honors course. Being a Chemistry major, I am not very fond of history classes, however, I enjoyed learning the material in this class. Spanning from the French Revolution to World War II, a vast amount of information was learned in this class. My favorite thing about this class was the two books that we read “Courage Tastes of Blood” and “No god but God”. I thoroughly enjoyed both of these books because they covered topics in which I had limited knowledge on. “Courage Tastes of Blood was written on the history of the indigenous people of Chile, the Mapuche, and taught me valuable reading skills as it was often difficult to decipher and keep track of the information. The other book “No god but God”, was particularly interesting as it was about the Islamic faith, a topic that is very prevalent in society today. After reading the book, I realized how truly uninformed I was about any religion that was not my own, and found it very interesting to learn about the history of Islam. The paper below was written on the book, and was extremely interesting to write and research more about.