Goal 11: Physical Activity

Taking Goal 11, PHED, helped me become more aware of the actions that I took every day that affected my health. These actions included my daily routine, what I ate, how I slept, and my stress levels. One of the most beneficial tools that we used in the classroom was a Fitbit. Using the Fitbit we tracked the number of steps that we had each day, and tried to reach the goal of 70,000 steps a week, or 10,000 steps a day. At the end of each two weeks, we had to submit a report like the one below, showing the number of steps we took and accounting for our “high” and “low” days. By doing this, I was able to see what days I was more active than others, and attribute reasons for this higher level of activity, leading to a healthier lifestyle. The Fitbit also allowed me to track my sleep, a tool that I utilize often. The PowerPoint attached is a project that we completed in PHED, as a way to improve our nutrition at college.