Goal 1: Longwood Seminar

lsemAs one of the first classes that I took, beginning during New Lancer Days, Longwood Seminar introduced me to some of my first friends as well as taught me about Longwood. In Longwood Seminar I learned what it meant to be a Lancer, along with the responsibilities of being a freshmen in college. In LSEM we learned how to manage our time, a skill that proved to be very useful during my first year, as well as what resources were available to us and where they were located. LSEM also gave us the opportunity to listen to Jim Lehrer, the author of “Tension City” speak. Reading “Tension City” allowed me to become more interested in the political debates, and sparked an interest in the Vice Presidential debate that we had on campus. Before reading this book, I was not interested or knowledgeable about the ways that politics worked. “Tension City” created an interest that I followed through with, and led me to become more involved in following the 2016 Presidential campaign. The picture attached to this page is from the library scavenger hunt, which was the first time that I went to the library. The library is now one of my favorite places on campus to hang out at and to study.