Citizen 110-50

Freshman year, fall 2019:

Space is for seeing was one of my best classes during my 2019 fall semester. Through this class, I was able to learn and understand the true meaning behind the quality of art, which I didn’t understand before.  Also, I was able to express my self as well as embrace my creativity in the projects that we were assigned in class.

During my Citizen 110 class, I had the opportunity of educating fellow classmates on a significant issue of which I have a deep personal connection. Many of my classmates advocated on environmental issues and issues relating to equity for women. On the other hand, I spoke on raising more awareness regarding the immigrant issue. As an immigrant, I felt that this topic was sensitive and important to me. As part of my advocacy, I targeted this topic through pieces of art. As an educated person, I believe that art allows others to view immigration from the perspective of the individuals that are leaving their homelands in search of a better life. My goal was to depict the plight of the families and to put a human face on this population that is oftentimes overlooked in our society and by our leaders.

Overall, I believe that my citizen 110 class though me a lot about embracing different perspectives as well as have a different viewpoint in an image because it may not appear to be the same ones you analyze it.  Pieces of art can portray different massages as well as inform you about the pass.

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