Integrative Biology 120-50

Freshman year, 2019 Fall semester:

At the start of Honor Biology 120, I was very nervous since I haven’t taken any biology-related classes since my freshman year of high school. Also, one of the reasons why I was as nervous with regard to this class was the fact that I need to memorize a lot of important information, which for me it meant that I need to work a lot harder,  due to that I have a harder time memorizing facts and information.

I remember back in high school we learned about the basic function of the cell and it was interesting that through Biology 120 I was able to gain more knowledge as well as have a better understanding of what goes on inside of our bodies. Also, throughout this course, I was able to gain more knowledge on how to read and analyze scientific papers, which gave me a different perspective on what it takes to understand the experiment and the process it takes to create and analyze an experiment.

Overall, the work that was expected of us was at times tough, but everything worthwhile is never easy. I enjoyed and appreciated the fact that our professor allowed us to correct our mistakes on papers. Seeing the mistakes that I made in my first draft made my final a lot stronger. One of my favorite projects was collecting bacteria from the fountain found around Longwood.  Working on group projects as well as in presentations makes me feel not alone as well as it allows me to learn and work with others which made me feel that working together is often the most productive way to succeed in the science field.