1.1- Major Principles

Students will be able to identify and describe the major principles of biology.

Evolution is among the most crucial biological concepts. Evolution was a course I got the chance to take at George Mason throughout my undergraduate time, allowing me to continue my research on how climate change is affecting the Chesapeake Bay, a location I visited as a freshman through the LIFE STEM program.

Another principle of biology is system: in which I choose to do human Anatomy 301 and 302 which allowed me to continue learning about the human body in more dept but mostly allowed me to do research in class in regards to how people expect to lose weight with intensive exercise which isn’t necessarily true. Additionally, Genetics allowed me to get the fountaining foundation on what goes behind the experimental analysis in understanding whether certain texts come out positive or negative by having a latter to compare. This led me to further understand and take an interest in conducting research to determine whether certain food obtained GMOs.