3.2 -Communicate Orally

Students will be able to effectively communicate orally in multiple contexts within the discipline.

I’ve given a lot of oral presentations at Longwood over the years, including poster and PowerPoint presentations. The first poster I presented at a national conference was for my honors enhancement of BIOL 250: Intro to Genetics. Unfortunately, my first research presentation had to be online and recorded due to COVID, so therefore I didn’t get the full experience as a freshman, but I learned how to structure and formally present a poster, section by section.

For BIOL 4988: Senior Capstone we had to do an oral presentation in which we talk about how to educate the community of Price Edward County about ADHD, but also provide resources for students K-12 to get diagnosed correctly through the help of Longwood and state funding. As opposed to a poster presentation, where you give a brief synopsis of your research and then invite questions about it, this was the first presentation I had to give where I had to speak in front of the audience and go through a portion of slides. Overall both presentations though me the importance of highlighting the significance of each research project.