Partaking in distinctions courses at Longwood has allowed me to get upgraded and one on one training. Praises classes permit me to learn in an unexpected manner in comparison to what I would regularly do in different courses. I get the chance to have more conversation-based learning in little study hall settings that I would not have the chance to manage without the distinctions school. My distinctions classes likewise regularly expect me to think outside about the crate and complete tasks that permit me to get an alternate point of view about instruction overall and how my schooling at Longwood, explicitly inside the distinctions school, is profiting me. Generally, I have extraordinary pride in the degree of grant that exists in the distinctions local area at Longwood. While the way that I am in school to get an advanced education those in the distinctions school need something other than the normal training for me. Having an advanced education set you for progress just as open more freedoms and entryways throughout everyday life, and I’m genuinely thankful for the Distinctions School and the chance they have given me in inviting me into the program.