1.2- Cell & Molecular

Students will be able to analyze critically and apply the major principles of cell and molecular biology.

The first actual biology classes I took at Longwood University were Intro to Genetics and Cell Biology. This course wasn’t just another introductory course; it also included fresh material that went deep into the details of cell biology and genetics. I had the chance to conduct my first field research during the course and was able to master several laboratory techniques. Even while it wasn’t glamorous at the time, it did give me the opportunity to study and get expertise in many procedures, including environmental data gathering, PCR amplification, gel electrophoresis, and DNA sequencing. During Intro to Genetics and Cell Biology, I finished my very first semester-long research project, as evidenced by my poster. Due to my fresh perspective and relative inexperience in the field of biology, I think I grew the most during this research.