Renting equipment from Longwood

Teachers may borrow from Longwood a plethora of Vernier equipment that students can use for data collection. Vernier manufactures probeware that is easy to use with almost any laptop, desktop, tablet, or even phone to collect data for a multitude of projects. There are also many project ideas on their website that can help lead your students to design experiments that can really compete at these competition level. For almost any type of data collection your students wish to do, we probably have a probe for it.

Please contact Sarah Porter at to inquire about checking out our Longwood Vernier equipment. Below is a list of the equipment we have available for check-out.

Vernier EquipmentWebsite LinkDate Logged OutDate Due Back
Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor
Go Direct® Temperature Probe
Go Wireless® Heart Rate
Go Direct® Gas Pressure Sensor
Go Direct® CO2 Gas Sensor
Go Direct® O2 Gas Sensor
Go Direct® Conductivity Probe
Go Direct® pH SensorGo Direct® pH Sensor
Go Direct® Colorimeter
Go Direct® Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe
Go Direct® EKG Sensor
BioChamber 250
BioChamber 2000
Go Direct® Respiration Belt
Go Direct® Voltage Probe
Go Direct® Conductivity Probe
Go Direct® Drop Counter
Go Direct® Constant Current System
Go Direct® ORP Sensor
Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer
Go Direct® Motion Detector
Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor
Go Direct® Photogate
Go Direct® Current Probe
Ultra Pulley Attachment
Picket Fence
Go Direct® Acceleration Sensor
Go Direct® Sound Sensor
Go Direct® Light and Color Sensor
Go Direct® 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor
Soil Moisture Sensor
Turbidity Sensor
Relative Humidity Sensor
UVB Sensor
Light Sensor