Getting ready for a science competition

It is time to start preparing for the competition itself!

Here is the list of rules for the JSHS competition and hopefully you had already planned for the due dates. It can also help to see what the judges are provided to score these components. For the JSHS competition you can find these things on their website.

There are two components required to compete at the Virginia JSHS, a scientific paper and a presentation.

Scientific paper

The paper serves the purpose of presenting a detailed account of your project, and includes these elements: Introduction and background research, detailed experimental section, data analysis and results, conclusions, and references. Each of these section serves a specific purpose to the presentation of the research. Please see the section titled “Writing a Scientific Paper” for more details.


The presentation serves the purpose of giving a summary of your project. This should be succinct and organized and allow the listeners to understand the purpose, method, and results of the project in a short period of time (usually 10 minutes or less). Please see the section titled “How to make a Professional Presentation” for more details.


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