Foundation Artifact

The following assignment from Citizen 110 involved debating ethical issues. Each student had to take two chosen ethical topics and debate both sides of the argument. For my class, I discussed the pros and cons of both sides of the Abortion and Gun Control topics. I found this particular assignment interesting due to getting in the mindset of both sides of the arguments despite having my own opinions.

Pillar Artifact – ENG 220

The following link is a script I wrote for English 220 a.k.a Intro to Dramatic Writing. In this class, students learned the format for writing scripts and submitted 3 for our final portfolio. This script is titled My Life at Shirley’s which revolves around a young girl named Terra who wants to work in a country store like Shirley’s as a professional cook. This is one of my favorites I have written because I wrote this at a time when I was more adjusted to the script-writing process.

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Pillar Artifact – SOCL 105

The following document is my final research essay for Sociology 105. I took this course my first semester as a freshman. Throughout the class, students had to choose a topic to do research about for the entire semester. The topic that I chose to discuss in this essay asks the research question : “how does social media affect body image perception of teenage girls?” In this essay, I describe the various negative effects that various social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have on the self esteem of adolescent girls. I enjoyed this class because of how my mind was opened up to see how the different elements of society work.

Letter to Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,

As freshman year passes me by much quicker than I anticipated, I have several hopes for the future of my college career. I hope you are stronger than me. I also have goals larger than the moon for our writing career. You will probably have written another book by then, improved in poetry writing, and begun brainstorming short story ideas for publication. I hope you have taken the initiative to learn more about the publication process as well. In addition, I also wish for you to always have a decent balance on school work and social life. I hope you become more involved in Odyssey and Alpha Beta Psi. You also need to remember that you are a human being, but an extremely capable one. You are not going to feel strong most of the time, but I believe you will prevail because quitting is no option. By the time you read this letter (after forgetting it has been written), you will be a wiser person with more life experience socially and academically, and I know we will work hard to be as successful as we can be.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                        Your Freshman Self.