I joined Alpha Beta Psi in Spring 2019, and since then, my service activities involved fundraisers for Madeline’s House in Farmville, which is an organization designed to provide help to domestic violence victims.

Back in April 2019, some of my sisters and I went to Madeline’s house to paint Easter Eggs with the children that were staying there at the time. After the paint dried, some of our sisters hid the eggs all around the living room area in Madeline’s house before having an Easter Egg hunt with the children as well.

Another service project I have done with Alpha Beta Psi involves FACES in Farmville. One Saturday in Spring 2019, I woke up early and rode with one of my sisters to FACES and helped hand out food to the people who came by from 7-10AM. Last semester in Spring 2020, I went to FACES on a Thursday with one of my sisters and a friend of mine who needed community service hours for Social Work. We helped bag up the food that gets delivered on Saturdays, and we also swept the floor.