Gen Ed/Honors Reflections ‘19-‘20

Even though some of my gen ed credits were received from transfer credits I took before coming to Longwood, the course that I have taken have shown me a great deal or skills that I will continue to use throughout my time at Longwood. My goals mainly involved improving on my writing skills and learn different perspectives. In terms of perspectives, I have learned how to work in groups by discussing course material and absorbing the point of view of each person participating in group discussion. When it comes to writing, I have adapted my skills due to different professor requirements for papers in each course I’ve taken. Adapting to different paper length and discussing various subjects in specific detail that gets right to the point is the major takeaway I have received. In the long run, I hope that these skills will improve, especially when it comes to the specific details of the material I study.

Perspective Artifact- ENG 376

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The following document is my Final Story Portfolio for ENG 376, also known as, Cultural Anthropology Fiction. My goals for this course were to fully explore Southern U.S. culture in fictional storytelling. At the beginning of the course, I wasn’t sure that my writing skills were properly representing the culture I grew up in. With research and constructive criticism from peers both in and out of the classroom, I learned where my strengths and weaknesses are in my writing process in a much more clear and specific way than I ever understood beforehand. As I wrote and rewrote each story, it gradually became easier to point out certain flaws in terms of character decisions, character voice, plot, and the ending of stories. I think I was successful in achieving my goals for this course by developing skills primarily in the revision process.