HONS 495

Dr. Blincoe’s love, sex, friendship class was unlike any class I have ever taken. The course focused on relationships between humans and the interactions they have. He presented the information in unique ways and allowed the students to be more than just someone sitting in a desk. Each week we were given a different reading assignment related to the topic we were studying and we were expected to analysis it. We could ask as many questions as we wanted and then the rest of class would be discussion based.  I learned how to analysis literature and apply it to my life in this class. The class discussions were easily my favorite part of this course as it allowed us to not only vocalize our own opinions, but also hear from our peers. The discussions we had opened my eyes to ideas I had never thought of before and allowed me to think outside the norm. The way he presented class made sitting for fifty minutes enjoyable, and kept me thoroughly engaged. This random class selection ultimately became my favorite class of the semester.

I have attached our final research assignment where we were expected to write a paper about how to form, maintain, and conduct a friendship and include sources discussed in class. Beyond those sources, we were expected to find other reliable sources that could be applied to our paper. This research assignment was very enjoyable as it allowed us to put our own spin on the topic.

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