ENSC 350 (Perspective)

My ENSC class was one I was very nervous about but ultimately ended up loving. I have never  really enjoyed science, but I heard great things about Dr. Straker and decided to sign up for his class. Dr. Straker was one of the best professors I have had thus fur and allowed to really enjoy the topics we were studying. This class was presentation based and really had me step out of my comfort zone. We studied the coastal environment and even were assigned a speech where we were talked about environmental issues in our own communities. Each class we were presented a PowerPoint but Dr. Straker always made them interesting by including videos or pictures. This helped keep all of us engaged and allow us to see a visual. Dr. Straker was great with the transition to online classes and helped keep all of us on track. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this class and learned a lot.

I have attached a coastal research article where we researched a coastal issue from a certain area that was current news. This relates to our class as I as required to research and write about issues we were studying in class. I hope from this knowledge gained I can be a more environmentally friendly  human on earth.

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