Citizen 110

This class was taken in Fall 2019 with Professor Leeyanne Moore. The goal of this course was to encourage independent thinking by teaching us how to form analytical arguments. We would cover topics ranging from current events to fiction novels, complete research on them, and then create a unique argument about the topics by using the chart method taught to us.

Overall, this class has helped me not only when it comes to creating arguments and opinions for classes, but also in my everyday life. I now try to become more educated on different subjects so I can accurately discuss them with others. And if their opinions differ from mine, this course taught me how to respectfully disagree, while also acknowledging their opinions, and understanding why they think this way.

The artifact below is the analytical argument chart I created for one of our two research projects. My group and I chose to make our topic on Jordan Peele, and the importance and meaning of his two horror films. This particular project was on the second film he wrote and directed, Us. I decided for my argument to focus on how he portrays economic inequality in the movie in very subtle ways. This was the first research project we were assigned, and was very important when it came to understanding how to form the types of arguments required for this course. While learning how to do this, my classmates and I had quite some trouble because it involves a different way of thinking then we were used to. But after this project, we all felt much more confident.