Math 135

This class was taken in Spring 2020 with Dr. Leah Shilling-Stouffer. During this course, I learned about elementary personal finance. Dr. S^2 (as she let us call her) would cover concepts such as sequences, series, or regression making, and would use these concepts to tackle personal finance. We would have weekly homework assignments based on the material we were learning. These assignments helped strengthen my understanding of the information being taught.

Overall, I found this course very challenging, but necessary. I have learned a lot of important things from this course, ranging from finding simple interest to being able to figure out how much mileage a car gets using exponential regression. I think this course is important for students at Longwood to take. And while I struggled, especially when classes were moved online, Dr. Shilling-Stouffer was very helpful and an incredible professor.

The artifact below is the essay I wrote for the second written assignment we had for the course. We were tasked with writing a letter to our “parents” explaining how the bank they wanted to take a mortgage out with would cost them more than a competitor would. We proved this by solving for the amortization for each bank, and calculating the interest from that.