Letter to Senior Self

Dear, Future Madeline

It is May, 23, 2020, and I have recently finished my freshman year of college. Things didn’t really go the way I thought they would, and instead now I am living through the part of history that you read about and think “well, at least I wasn’t alive then.” Evenso, I think I am handling it the best I can. I find comfort in thinking about the future during these times.

In the future, I want to build up my relationships with my friends here at longwood. I realized during my freshman year that having good people around you is vital for you to succeed in college. I really like the group of friends I made, and would like to continue building my friendships with them for the rest of my time here at longwood, and hopefully after.

I want to start giving back to the community more. During my freshman year, I felt that because I was focusing on transitioning to college life (then transitioning to college life at home due to current events), I did not allow myself to get out of my comfort zone, specifically volunteering. Even though I found a job that I will be working every weekday, I want to find time to volunteer in the farmville community.

I also want to truly push myself when it comes to academics. Right now, I believe I am doing well. However, I want to begin truly pushing myself by putting in more effort for assignments and projects, resulting in higher grades and a higher GPA.

The most important goal for myself is to be happy by being truly myself. I don’t want to feel like I have to hide aspects of myself and my likes because people will judge them. I want to be able to be freely me, and I hope that my future self reading this letter has achieved this goal.


Past Madeline