Spanish 111

This class was taken in Fall of 2019 with Dr. Makenzie Seiple. During this course, I learned basic Spanish vocabulary and conversational skills, along with information about different Hispanic cultures through readings, pictures, and videos.

Overall, I found this course to be quite challenging, but in a way that was academically fulfilling. The material is essentially what a native Spanish speaker would learn in preschool, but Dr. Seiple helped make it more challenging by allowing us to only speak in Spanish during class. This aided in immersing us more into the Spanish Language. My Spanish-speaking skills have certainly improved because of this class, and I am excited to continue learning the language in the future.

The artifact below was the final project for this course. My partner and I were tasked with creating a powerpoint on something from Hispanic culture that we wished to learn more about. We decided to do our project on Carnaval de Barranquilla, which is a festival that takes place in Colombia once a year and encompasses many different cultures. It was interesting to learn more about something I have not been exposed to while also using the skills learned during this course to share with my classmates.