English 382

This course was taken in Fall 2020 with Dr. Sean Ruday. The purpose of this course was to learn how to teach grammar to our future students, which Dr. Ruday achieved by splitting the course in half. For the first half, we learned about grammatical concepts, such as sentence types and adjectives, by practicing them both in class and out of class. After we mastered the concepts, we moved on to the second half of class where we learned how to teach those concepts to our students. We did this by reading in classroom examples of teachers instructing their students and presenting our own ideas on how to do so.

My knowledge about grammatical concepts, let alone how to teach them, was incredibly small before taking this course. Or so I thought. Thanks to Dr. Ruday, I learned that everyone has mastered grammar because we use it on a day-to-day basis. He taught me how to put names to the concepts I had already been using for most of my life. This is why I believe english 382 is so important: students need good teachers to teach them the grammar they will use for this rest of their lives. I believe this course has taught me to do so.

The artifact below is an essay I wrote on the topic of specific nouns, which are the more detailed counterparts to general nouns. For example, instead of saying “She has a dog,” you can make the sentence more detailed by instead saying “Maria has a shih-tzu.” My task for this essay was to explain how I would teach that concept to my future elementary school students. By creating a lesson plan, I was able to think more critically about how I want to teach in the future. In order to demonstrate the concept of specific nouns to students, I cannot just stand in the front of the classroom and lecture. I must provide an engaging lesson with many chances for my students to practice the material on their own and with their peers.

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