CBE Students Provide Tax Assistance for Community

Longwood University College of Business and Economics students are gaining important experience outside the classroom. Under the direction of Dawn Schwartz, Instructor of Accounting, 14 students who have completed a “Tax Accounting 1” class and who are currently taking a “Tax Accounting 2” class are volunteering on several Saturday mornings this semester to complete tax returns for those in the community whose annual income is below $54,000. Schwartz states, “I’m excited about the involvement of our students … It’s pretty huge that we have 14 students from my Tax 2 class when you consider that my class has only 21 students in it.”

Prior to participating in these tax workshops, CBE students must have completed a training program through the IRS called Link and Learn as well as a test. Students are then able to e-file tax returns for citizens free through an IRS program. To date, Longwood students, in partnership with the Farmville Prince Edward Community Library, have offered this free tax service to 22 citizens in two workshops held at the library and in Hiner Hall on the Longwood campus. In addition, the Center for Financial Responsibility, directed by Dr. Bennie Waller, Professor of Finance and Real Estate, is providing refreshments, materials and assistance to clients as they arrive at the workshops.

According to Schwartz, students build confidence and the ability to talk with others as they engage in this real-life learning experience. Students have expressed to her how rewarding the tax workshops have been so far. “Overall, it’s been a very positive experience,” said Schwartz.

Additional workshops are planned from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. in Hiner, Room G16 on the following dates: March 17, March 24, March 31 and April 7. Participants are asked to bring materials required to file a tax return. For more information regarding necessary materials or to book an appointment, please call the Farmville Prince Edward Community Library at (434) 392-6924.

Career Closet: Dress for Success!

Whether we like it or not, people do judge us by our appearance. We’ve all heard the expression, “Dress for success!” However, not all up and coming young business professionals have the resources for a proper wardrobe. Patti Carey, a lecturer in business communication and Director of the McGaughy Professional Development Center, recognized the need to help students obtain business attire for important interviews and events on campus and created the Career Closet.

The idea for a Career Closet was formed in Fall of 2016 and became a reality in Fall of 2017. Today, the Career Closet welcomes donations from faculty, alumni and community leaders. Dry cleaned business suits for men and women, as well as dress shoes, are always appreciated and jackets and blazers are especially needed. Carey states, “It really is helping someone establish a wardrobe to be prepared for a career, and while they don’t get to keep the clothes, they are understanding the importance of having a professional wardrobe.”

CBE Students are already finding the Career Closet to be a helpful resource. Students may contact Patti Carey or Nancy Postans, Internship Coordinator and Executive Assistant for the McGaughy Professional Development Center, in order to borrow professional wear. The first successful step in the right direction is dressing the part!

Meet Amelia McConnell: First SNVC Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient 


Amelia McConnellAnother initial goal of the SNVC Institute for Leadership and Innovation has been achieved! We are pleased to announce that Amelia McConnell has been selected as the first recipient of the SNVC Undergraduate Scholarship.

Amelia was selected as she is a true leader and has taken action to create change that has impacted not only Longwood University, but the surrounding community, and the future of many lives. She has been committed to community service and is an example of a citizen leader.

One of Amelia’s (many) impressive roles is as a key player with the development and implementation of an outreach program called, Beyond the Numbers Club. This program provides a means to connect Longwood students with local youth to help with academics as well as to mentor in good character and lifestyle. Over 50 youths and 30 volunteers have benefitted. The residual impact from these interactions will certainly carry over to families and community.

Beyond the Numbers Club is one of many examples of Amelia’s leadership abilities. She has been active in FACES, Boys and Girls Club of America, Church activities, athletics, and served as a LU Ambassador. She has also shared her talents with pro bono graphic design work to various organizations.

This is the first year that the SNVC Institute has granted the Undergraduate Scholarship; however, we need to recognize that our sponsoring firm, SNVC, L.C., has given the SNVC Leadership Award to a deserving CBE graduating senior each year since 2010.

To learn more about the SNVC Institute for Leadership and Innovation contact Diane Barrett barrettdt@longwood.edu


A Message from the Dean: Welcome Home Lancers


Welcome Back! I hope your summer was terrific. While you were on summer break the leadership team in the business school was busy setting up the new Student Success Center in Hiner 103 and aligning our various roles to serve you, our students, in an enhanced fashion.

By locating a number of student-oriented functions such as internships, advising, scholarships, CBE applications etc. in one place, we hope we’ve take another step toward making Longwood and the CBE the most student-oriented campus in the Commonwealth. We’ll watch how things unfold this academic year and make additional tweaks as part of our commitment to continuous improvement for you.

You’ll see a number of other cool things happening in the business school; for example, four new faculty members were hired, we have a great Executive-In-Residence lineup this fall, and our Top 100 Online MBA saw its largest student enrollment on campus in July for the MBA Residency.

There are some very exciting things happening in the CBE and I hope you’re as excited as I am to be a part of it.

Have a great start to this new academic year. I know you will.

Welcome Home Lancers!

Paul Barrett, Dean

Introducing the McGaughy Professional Development Center


At the College of Business & Economics, we are dedicated to helping you succeed. To help you achieve your goals, this summer we created the McGaughy Professional Development Center, located in Hiner 103!

This center is one-stop-shopping for your academic needs. The center will provide assistance with three main areas:


1. Undergraduate Services for Business & Economics programs, which includes:

  • Academic Advising for any student who needs assistance
  • Override Requests for business and/or economics classes that are full
  • Admissions to the College of Business & Economics major or minor, complete the application forms online
  • Declare Supply Chain Management Endorsement, to do so, complete the application online and then return it to Hiner 103
  • Undergraduate Degree Application is completed by you and your advisor when you have earned 75 credit hours. Click here for application
  • Program Change Form is completed to change, add, or remove a major, concentration, or minor. Click here for form
  • Catalog Change Form is completed to change catalog year, click here for form
  • Change of Advisor Form is complete to request a change in advisor, form located in Hiner 103

Have questions about undergraduate services? Contact Melinda Fowlkes, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, College of Business and Economics. Phone: 434.395.2379 email: fowlkesmi@longwood.edu 


2. Internship & Professional Development

To graduate, each student is required to complete an internship. In order to qualify for an internship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Earned overall & major GPA of 2.33 or higher
  • Accepted to the Business Administration or Economics degree programs
  • Earned a minimum of 60 earned credit hours
  • Completed MANG 391
  • Completed concentration prerequisites — ACCT 340, FINA 350, ISCS 370, MANG 360 or MARK 380

Want to learn more? Visit our website, email: internshipsCBE@longwood.edu or contact William Baxter, Director of McGaughy Internship and Professional Development Center, phone: 434.395.2460 or Nancy Postans, Internship Coordinator, phone: 434.395.2878


3. Master in Business Administration (MBA) Program

  • Looking for the next step after graduation? Consider our MBA program ranked in the Top 100 Online MBA Programs by U.S. News & World Report.

To learn more, visit our website or contact Abbey O’Connor, Assistant Dean and MBA Director in Hiner 103, phone: 434.395.2043 email: oconnorah@longwood.edu


Have the Best Year Yet with These 7 Strategies

We all know the start of fall can be an exciting and overwhelming time in a Lancer’s life. To help you succeed, we developed the Citizen 7 – a set of seven values to guide you through your journey as a #LancerForLife.

So keep the following in mind and you will be set for success!


1. Integrity

Always do the “right thing” even when no one is looking

giphy (12)

2. Accountability

Admit your responsibilities and honor your commitments

giphy (2)

3. Respect

Treat others with the same professional and personal respect you expect to receive

giphy (3)

4. Communication

Listen effectively, ask questions with care and share information thoughtfully

giphy (5)

5. Win-Win

Seek and employ options which will provide positive outcomes for everyone

giphy (6)


6. Teamwork

Respect the strengths and thought diversity offered by others

giphy (10)

7. Growth

Be a student for life

giphy (8)

To learn more about the College of Business & Economics’ Citizen 7, visit our website.

Have a great year Lancers!


Supply the Job Market Demand: Score a Job Postgrad w/ a Supply Chain Management Endorsement

Do you wear Nike shoes, an UnderArmour shirt, or send text messages on your Apple iPhone? Do you ever think about where those products are made and/or how they find their way to you?

There is a long list of activities involved in bringing those products to you and other customers. Coordinating their production and delivery is called supply chain management.

What is Supply Chain Management?


Every product has its own supply chain — a specific group of companies working together to produce a final product. In fact, the typical global supply chain will include as many as 25 different organizations from start to finish.

Supply chain management involves the flow of materials, flow of information and flow of money. Someone must manage the flows across those 25 different organizations to ensure completion, and that someone could be you!


Become Part of the Chain at Longwood

Longwood University offers an Endorsement in Supply Chain Management in the College of Business and Economics.

The supply chain endorsement courses provide a good fundamental understanding of supply chain management concepts and prepare you for a number of supply chain related career opportunities.

Job openings in the supply chain field are expected to grow by 10% to 20% over the next ten years. Will you be employable?

To learn more, visit the College of Business & Economics website or email Dr. Richard Monroe at monroerw@longwood.edu