Have the Best Year Yet with These 7 Strategies

We all know the start of fall can be an exciting and overwhelming time in a Lancer’s life. To help you succeed, we developed the Citizen 7 – a set of seven values to guide you through your journey as a #LancerForLife.

So keep the following in mind and you will be set for success!


1. Integrity

Always do the “right thing” even when no one is looking

giphy (12)

2. Accountability

Admit your responsibilities and honor your commitments

giphy (2)

3. Respect

Treat others with the same professional and personal respect you expect to receive

giphy (3)

4. Communication

Listen effectively, ask questions with care and share information thoughtfully

giphy (5)

5. Win-Win

Seek and employ options which will provide positive outcomes for everyone

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6. Teamwork

Respect the strengths and thought diversity offered by others

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7. Growth

Be a student for life

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To learn more about the College of Business & Economics’ Citizen 7, visit our website.

Have a great year Lancers!