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October 3 &  4, 2016

Lancaster Lawn

Fourteen Longwood University faculty members participated in a series of short, informative, and fascinating lessons in anticipation of the 2016 Vice-Presidential Debate hosted by Longwood University.  Each 10-minute talk was followed by an interactive question and answer session.

If you missed the live event, here is your chance to learn from your colleagues.  SCROLL DOWN and CLICK on the Talk title to access the video.


Speaker Enlight(e)ning Talk
Alec Hosterman, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies


“Lying Unplugged”


David Lehr, Professor of Economics


“‘Economists Agree. . . .’  Do They?”


Lissa Power deFur, Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders


“The Ethical Consequences of Willful Blindness”


Charles Repp, Visiting Professor of Philosophy


“The Meta-Ethics of Political Debate”


Kristopher Paal, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies


“We can Agree to Disagree”
Brett Martz, Assistant Professor of German “Robert Musil’s Über die Dummheit [On Stupidity]”
Barbara Newton, Assistant Professor of History “Charlotte County and the Great Debate of 1799”


Sean Ruday, Assistant Professor of English Education


“‘Mistakes Were Made’: The Passive Voice in Public Discourse”


Sarai Blincoe, Assistant Professor of Psychology  “Perceived Trustworthiness: A Key to the Presidency”



Rhonda Brock-Servais, Professor of English


“Raising Kids Right, or Left: Political Children’s Books”


Kevin Doyle, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education


“Addiction and Public Policy”
Jeff Halliday, Associate Professor of Communication Studies “Finding Value in the Volume”
Charles White, Associate Professor of Management “Competing Values and Political Leadership”


David Magill, Associate Professor of English


“The Real Consequences of Imaginary Presidents”


Visit our new blogsite, Curriculum Design and Presidential Elections, for teaching resources focusing on incorporating presidential election and debates into your curriculum.

Longwood and the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate

Course Development Proposals

The Committee on General Education, in conjunction with CAFE, the Center for Faculty Enrichment, invite faculty to submit course development proposals related to the fall 2016 Vice Presidential debate. Please note that this initiative is not limited to general education courses; pursuant to its charge to “encourage the teaching and learning of written and oral communication skills throughout the University” (FPPM, p. 192), the committee encourages participation from the broadest possible spectrum of faculty and disciplines.  The Call for Proposals (and the evaluative rubric the committee will be using) can be downloaded below.


MLK Celebration Week
January 18-23

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion and CAFE designed a curriculum guide to help you incorporate the MLK Celebration Week activities/events into your course curriculum. You can access the guide below.

CAFE Mission and Goals





The mission of CAFE is to foster a vibrant intellectual community that supports innovative teaching, scholarship, and professional growth.  CAFE pursues this mission with the understanding that a dynamic faculty engages students by integrating learning with 21st Century pedagogies.  To this end, it seeks to promote, sustain, and celebrate a climate of open intellectual exchange–an ongoing cross-disciplinary dialogue that builds collaborative relationships.



Connections and Learning Communities:   CAFE connects faculty to a variety of learning communities to support teaching, scholarship and professional growth.

On Time “Programming” and Resources:  CAFE  provides resources that are based on faculty need and relevant emerging trends in higher education.  CAFE provides on-time programming and resources in formats that are easily accessible.

Infrastructure: As a vital university resource, CAFE invests in a strong infrastructure.


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