Each May, Longwood’s CAFE hosts a Teaching and Learning Institute.  This day-long workshop focuses on an important trend in higher education.  The Institute is free to all Longwood faculty and staff as well as faculty from other colleges and universities in Virginia.

2024 Institute: Consider Life Design

2023 Institute: Teaching for Civic Learning and Engagement 

2022 Institute: Civic Dialogue: Engaging Students in Difficult Conversations

2021 Institute: Campus and Community: Engaging Students with the Moton Museum

2020 Institute: The 2020 Institute was canceled due to Covid-19

2019 Institute: Balancing Student Success with Your Well-Being

2018 Institute: Integrating Perspectives: Building the Next Level of the Civitae Core

2017 Institute: Integrative Learning and the New Core Curriculum

2016 Institute: Teaching During An Election Year: Challenges and Opportunities

2015 Institute: Integrating Student Research into Pedagogical Practice

2014 Institute:  More Than Retention: Engaging all Students for Success

2013 Institute: Navigating the Changing Landscape of the Classroom