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Dr. Heather Lettner-Rust, Associate Professor of English

Professional Writing Program




CAFE now provides help with the teaching of writing in your courses. As the current Writing & Rhetoric Coordinator for first-year composition (English 165) and advanced composition (English 400) and a teacher of writing here at Longwood for 17 years, I am ready to connect you with insight regarding the way students perceive and perform writing in your classes. Effective student performance in English 165 is one thing, but we must have them pulling those skills and knowledge to your courses as well. Here’s a list of the terms students learn in English 165 and should be able to retrieve for your writing assignments.

I will offer workshops on the designing of writing assignments, teaching of writing for your assignments, and the assessing of formal and informal writing. If you’d like to consult about your ideas, simply need a sounding board for new or old ideas, I can schedule that as well. There are many ways to use writing in your course that assist student thinking rather than simply adding paperwork to your growing pile. Attend a workshop or request a consultation. I’ll be there.

Here is the template I recommend for writing assignments.