Honors Lancer Launch Pad Symposium: CTZN 410

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Our major project for our Honors senior symposium was to develop a project and present it at the research showcase. I was planning on doing a project on education on the American Civil War and how misunderstandings of its causes and long-term outcomes still affect us today, but when the invasion of Ukraine began, I immediately changed to a beneficial fundraiser. This fundraiser was ultimately a failure, coming nowhere near its goals. The lessons learned were that I should have begun sooner, advertised it more heavily, and tried to make the issue more appealing and understandable. I focused most of my efforts on the latter concept, and wrote this script for my presentation, largely centered around Ukrainian history, in order to fully inform my audience of not only the current situation, but the history between Ukraine and Russia, and how Russia is trying to suppress the notion of their cultures and histories as separate to justify their invasion of a soverign nation as more of a unification of a breakaway region of Russia.