Historical & Contemporary or Behavioral & Social Perspectives: HBSI 395

This is the PowerPoint that I used when presenting for the research showcase for the first time. Of course, much of this project was all hypothetical, but after working on it for an entire semester, and with the feedback I received after the showcase, I’ve begun to really think seriously about the idea. I may not be the most qualified to run it from a technical standpoint, but I could be the public face of it while other students or faculty turned my idea into a reality that I feel would benefit a lot of students. This project had a lot of significance for me because I only took this class for three real reasons: honors credit, I like Dr. Dolence, and because I thought the business or finance or investment knowledge I thought I would learn from it might come in handy, but mostly in a kind of abstract or anecdotal way. I actually feel like I didn’t gain much hard knowledge from this class, but more importantly, I gained experience from it. What I’ve done through this presentation, and by extension through the whole class, helped to shape a new outlook on how to both create and complete projects as well as accomplish my major life goals. It was a class that I didn’t expect to gain too much from, but ended up changing my perspective on life and that I feel will benefit me every time I work on something in the future.