Inquiry into Citizenship (CTZN 110)

Attached above is a reflection from the informational speech I completed in my CTZN 110 class during the fall semester. I was asked to explain how I felt I did on my speech. I explained how I thought I did as well as how I can improve on my speeches in the future.

CTZN 110 was my first college class that required public speaking. Public speaking has always been a huge fear of mine and I struggled in high school to get over that fear. This class eased me into public speaking by starting off with short speeches of about one or two minutes. When we were asked to put together longer speeches, we were asked to turn in videos of us speaking. This prepared us for the in-person speeches we were asked to give at the end of the semester. With the practice of public speaking throughout this class, I feel a tad bit more prepared for speeches in the future.