Comp of Healthcare Systems (KINS 320)

Attached above is a research paper I completed at the end of this class. We were able to choose our own topic for the paper and I chose to write about how health insurance can impact the infant mortality rate in Switzerland and the Unites States. This assignment taught me how to find reliable sources for any topic and use them as resources for a research paper. I came to the conclusion that Switzerlands health insurance provides better opportunities for the infant mortality rate in their country to decrease than that of the United States.

This class taught me how to prepare for extremely long presentations and how to do proper research. One of the assignments in this class was a 75 minute presentation that included 4 class activities. Public speaking has always been a fear of mine, but the professor made us create outlines for the presentation that were very helpful when preparing. I learned that practicing these presentations to others helped prepare me and make it so I was more comfortable when presenting. It also taught me how to conduct research for presentations and papers while finding helpful and appropriate sources along the way.