Morphology and Syntax (CSDS 290)

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Attached above is an assignment that I had to complete for my honors split section of the class. It is called a syntactical analysis, which is something I will be doing constantly in my career as a speech pathologist. To complete this assignment, I had to separate a child’s speech into t-units and count the number of words in each of the t-units. After collecting the information I had to calculate the mean length of the t-units by dividing the number of words by the number of t-units.

This class is my least favorite class that I’ve had to take for my major thus far. I did not agree with how my instructor conducted class or how she graded. She was constantly rude to other students around me, which made people afraid to ask questions and therefore struggle with the class. I believe that if I took the class again with a different teacher I would have been more successful. However, I did learn useful information for my career path and am grateful that the class is offered.