Biological Concepts (BIOL 101)

Attached above if one of the Lab Reports I conducted the first semester of my freshman year. With this specific experiment, we were examining our own samples of DNA and find which sample of DNA was best for the experiment.

I have always found Biology to be one of my favorite classes and that is still the case after this year. While I had taken biology in high school, there is always more to learn when it comes to the subject. This specific Biology was a requirement for my major however, I probably would have tried to take it even if it wasn’t. This class, being my first college Biology class, really taught me a lot including how to write lab reports. Labs were my favorite part of the class as I always enjoyed them, Lab Reports on the other hand… I found to be really tricky and writing them took a lot of getting used to. Thanks to my amazing professor, Dr. Trubitsyn, I learned quickly and was able to enjoy everything about the class.