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French: Beginning Language & Culture

I am going to start this by saying that I am nowhere near fluent in this language upon doing four years of it in high school. To this day, I am nowhere near fluent, but what I can say is that having the background and having an amazing professor in the subject really helped me strive in this class. Everything I had stored in the back of my mind was refreshed and gave me hope of trying to learn the language again. I think my grade in the class reflects my success, but what I can say is that it will take me beyond a university requirement to for me to really learn and develop my skills. While most of the assignments were through a paper test or workbook assignments, what I can leave is one of the most important things to know, how to say your name and what I like to do.

Bonjour, Je m’appelle Rebecca. J’etudie au Longwood University pour histoire.

Choral Ensemble- Chamber Singers

In high school, I had to stop taking choir due to not having time for it. When I came to college, I was happy to find out that I could participate in something, I used to love, again. I could tell during my first week that I would enjoy my time in this choir and have a nice break from all the stress of my other courses. As a whole, we got to do many things and perform a lot more than I was anticipating for a choir that got together twice a week, for sixteen weeks. It was a lot more quick paced than I was used to, but in the style that it was taught, we could easily remember our music. If not, we could use our paper copies, which was not something I was used to. For our final, we had to recite our last big performance and discuss the music we studied. Although I do not have room for it next Fall (2019), I would gladly take it again when there was some room in my schedule.

Honors: Human Growth and Development

Studying this course, it was similar to psychology, but it focused more on the development aspect. As an honors course, I expected a lot of work and more responsibility, and I was not disappointed. Over the course of the semester, there were many projects and presentations. The one above focused on individual ideas and how they respond to what we had learned in the class. The course brought to light how much development correlates to becoming future educators and how to respond to it. As an educator, it is important to understand your students and how to address and get through to them. Overall, I did enjoy the course, no matter how much it stressed me out sometimes. They say that this course could change your ideas on being a teacher, and I firmly believe that this was true. However, it made my decision more clear in my future as a teacher.

Introduction to Psychology

From taking psychology in high school, I figured a lot of the information would parallel with each other. Some of the information did, but most of the information was completely new. I spent a lot of time studying for this class due to the abundance of information I had to remember. Before every test, I would study hours on end with my peers to hopefully pass the exam. This course was one of the most difficult courses that I had ever taken. The Professor of this course did his best to keep it interesting and explain it well, but I struggled for some of it to understand what he wanted and what the information was. I think my favorite part of this course was participating in the seniors’ studies for their graduation requirement. If you like psychology, I do recommend the class, just be aware that it will not be an easy A.

Principles of Microeconomics

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When I was signing up for classes, I was not thrilled that this was one I had to take. I chose to be a history teacher to avoid all things math. However, I would have to take it at some point in my college career, so I chose to get it out the way. My Professor that taught it was trained for people like me. She made it easy to walk through the lectures and made everything easily accessible for those who needed extra help or visit the topic again. There were many assignments and homework to do that made the class tedious, but it was all worth it in the end for many opportunities to boost your grade in the class. Although not my favorite topic, it was made somewhat easy to get through and get it done. Lots of effort had to be put into it in order to pass, but if you did the time, you could pass the class.

US History: Colonial Period-1877

When beginning this course, I had a good idea about how it would go. From taking the other section first, I figured it would be the same style, just different information. As I concluded, I was pretty much spot on. However, there was less written assignments and none that I needed to present for class, which was nice. We focused on a semester-long assignment about an article analysis, which was not my favorite thing, but it was not as bad as expected. We were almost coached through the whole thing and had time to discuss the assignment with peers. The assignment above was my final copy, which I scored pretty high on. All in all, if you did your work and study, the class was forgiving. If you did not, it held no mercy.