Letter to my Senior Self

To my Senior Self,

You have dealt with so much in such a short period of time, but what I can say is congrats on surviving it all. Through thick and thin, hardships and laughter, life gave you many tests to determine your success. What I can say is the experience has shaped you into the woman you were meant to be with all the destined people behind you, rooting for you to succeed as the woman I know you can become. For the amount of days we counted to get where we are today were worth the pain of uncertainty within our life and our purpose. What I can say is I knew you could do it in the back of my mind. Be the person you want to see and never hold back for the sake of someone else. Fight for you, never someone else. Some battles are meant to test you, but never fight someone else’s for you could be battling an unneeded test. When you cross the stage at graduation, be proud and live life to the fullest with the right people around you. Adventure awaits.

From your Freshman Self.