Choral Ensemble- Chamber Singers

In high school, I had to stop taking choir due to not having time for it. When I came to college, I was happy to find out that I could participate in something, I used to love, again. I could tell during my first week that I would enjoy my time in this choir and have a nice break from all the stress of my other courses. As a whole, we got to do many things and perform a lot more than I was anticipating for a choir that got together twice a week, for sixteen weeks. It was a lot more quick paced than I was used to, but in the style that it was taught, we could easily remember our music. If not, we could use our paper copies, which was not something I was used to. For our final, we had to recite our last big performance and discuss the music we studied. Although I do not have room for it next Fall (2019), I would gladly take it again when there was some room in my schedule.