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American State and Local Government

Coming into this class, I had a small concern that my first attempt into political history would repeat itself to be a struggle. Wow, it is amazing to see what a difference a professor makes in a course. I found that while I was learning, I was growing in my understanding of the subject and really enjoying the makings of Political Science. I can say that my response to the course truly reflects in how well I performed on assignments and exams. I only wish that I was able to make a perfect score. One thing I can say is that this course gave myself more confidence to succeed in this field.

Honors: Seminar in European History

This class tested my every ability as it being a senior level course and an honors course as well. My first 400 level class taken at Longwood gave me a run for my money in trying to keep up with the demands. I would definitely say that this course was a make or break in determining if I could get through the upper-level courses. I was surprised how well I was keeping up with it all and although I never got a perfect score on an important assignment, I can say I never failed an assignment. I would count that as a win in my book and with the support I had from my friends and my professor, I definitely think this underdog got a chance to succeed and I can say that I fulfilled my purpose for this course.

History of Japan

Due to my lack of taking a break when I probably should’ve, I took this class over the winter to give myself a challenge. A challenge it definitely was. There was a lot of reading that I was not accustomed to and it was a tad overwhelming. One thing I can say is that it pushed me to do better and learned how to work under pressure and manage my time well. While it was a fast paced class, I can say that I did learn something that really  enjoyed learning about. Of the paper presented, I scored a 95 percent, which was the highest grade I had received in the course or any course on a paper up until that point in my career. It had the many views of the Showa Era of Japan, which I found to be really interesting. i hope you do as well.

Historical Methods

Wow, where do I begin… This class brought a new light to history to me, and in itself gave me the intellectual brain food that I needed to develop my love for history. I wished I put more time into it and fully got the whole experience, but as any college student knows, balancing all of our classes can be hard as some classes demand more of your time and energy. What I can say was it was worthwhile while and I can tell I am not the same as I started the class to where I am now. This paper is the final project that was completed for this course. I was so unprepared for this paper, but I am glad that I could develop it to what it is today.

World History II

Taking an online class for the first time was a new experience, taking it in two weeks was daunting. I took this course over the Winter break as a way to catch up and get ahead. The style of the course was tough and trying to do assignments along with another class at the same time was a choice I was unsure of was a good one but at the end of the day I made it through… with the flu… talk about a whirlwind. What I can say is that it taught me to strive at my worst and that as long as I try, I can succeed. This assignment came with the need for book reviews, so this is the best one I came up within this class.

French: Begin Integrated Language & Culture

Walking into this course I had expectations. I expected the course would parallel the first section of the french I took. Boy, was I wrong. This class was nothing like the first one and I can admit that I went into this class with no hope or effort. It did not help that it seemed like I got the bottom of the barrel with the professor I had, but at the end of the day, I worked really hard to pass and officially be done with a language. I can say the experience was a teaching moment through my need to learn on my own and get the information enough to keep going in the class. While others were on the second go-round, I can officially say that I passed on my first try and that in itself is an accomplishment. What I have to go with this section is one of the responses I had to do in class. The topic was on things like Zoom and online learning.

En raison du coronavirus, de nombreuses entreprises ont dû fermer ou devenir virtuelles. Tout comme ce tweet, de nombreux employés font leur travail en ligne si possible. Beaucoup de gens ont dû démissionner ou partir à temps partiel plutôt qu’à temps plein. Les syndicats font ce qu’ils peuvent pour demander de l’aide, mais tout dépend du gouvernement.

Historical Inquiry I


This class will forever hold a special moment in my heart. This class focused on the gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman history, along with some background stuff. I really enjoyed going to this class and it felt like a great environment for learning between everyone in my class bonding and getting along with the professor who is no longer teaching. What I can say is I appreciate everything this class taught me not only on the subject, but on what a college class can be if everyone gets involved. While learning for our degree is crucial, it is nice to bond and make friendships and mentor-ships along the way. With this I leave one fact that will follow me forever and will forever be known as the founding of Mythology. This fact is that Zeus could not keep it in his pants and that is why mythology can always lead back to him.

Sociology of Education

When it came to this course, I finally had a good understanding and love for my two favorite subjects: Teaching and sociology. I say that if i was not a history major, I would be a sociology major due to the linguistics of studying the interactions between people. With the right professor, anything can be accomplished. She made it easy to pass the class as long as you put in the effort. I am very grateful for her time and dedication to her craft. Through her knowledge and passion, I developed the same kind of passion for the subject. What is presented her is the pre-class paper on what we knew of the course subject of this semester, which was school violence. This topic hits close to home, so being able to take this class and understand why things happen really made a difference.

The American Political System

When it comes to my first political class, I did not know what to expect, but my goodness was it tough. I struggled to get through it and passed the course through the skin of my teeth, but hey, a passing grade is a passing grade. What I did not understand was how an introductory class could be so difficult. I thought I knew what I was talking about, but no surprise, it was all up to the professor. One thing I can say is that it taught me how to work through the fear of failing my first class since coming to Longwood. It also taught me that some professors must be avoided at all costs. What I can say is that if you don’t succeed the first time, it is okay. Sometimes, you might be able to surprise yourself and win in the end. The article I have here is a book review that I did. While the grade was not the best, what I can say was it showed my persistence to complete it as it took me HOURS to do. If you put the time into it, it will reward you.

French: Beginning Language & Culture

I am going to start this by saying that I am nowhere near fluent in this language upon doing four years of it in high school. To this day, I am nowhere near fluent, but what I can say is that having the background and having an amazing professor in the subject really helped me strive in this class. Everything I had stored in the back of my mind was refreshed and gave me hope of trying to learn the language again. I think my grade in the class reflects my success, but what I can say is that it will take me beyond a university requirement to for me to really learn and develop my skills. While most of the assignments were through a paper test or workbook assignments, what I can leave is one of the most important things to know, how to say your name and what I like to do.

Bonjour, Je m’appelle Rebecca. J’etudie au Longwood University pour histoire.