The American Political System

When it comes to my first political class, I did not know what to expect, but my goodness was it tough. I struggled to get through it and passed the course through the skin of my teeth, but hey, a passing grade is a passing grade. What I did not understand was how an introductory class could be so difficult. I thought I knew what I was talking about, but no surprise, it was all up to the professor. One thing I can say is that it taught me how to work through the fear of failing my first class since coming to Longwood. It also taught me that some professors must be avoided at all costs. What I can say is that if you don’t succeed the first time, it is okay. Sometimes, you might be able to surprise yourself and win in the end. The article I have here is a book review that I did. While the grade was not the best, what I can say was it showed my persistence to complete it as it took me HOURS to do. If you put the time into it, it will reward you.

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