French: Begin Integrated Language & Culture

Walking into this course I had expectations. I expected the course would parallel the first section of the french I took. Boy, was I wrong. This class was nothing like the first one and I can admit that I went into this class with no hope or effort. It did not help that it seemed like I got the bottom of the barrel with the professor I had, but at the end of the day, I worked really hard to pass and officially be done with a language. I can say the experience was a teaching moment through my need to learn on my own and get the information enough to keep going in the class. While others were on the second go-round, I can officially say that I passed on my first try and that in itself is an accomplishment. What I have to go with this section is one of the responses I had to do in class. The topic was on things like Zoom and online learning.

En raison du coronavirus, de nombreuses entreprises ont dû fermer ou devenir virtuelles. Tout comme ce tweet, de nombreux employés font leur travail en ligne si possible. Beaucoup de gens ont dû démissionner ou partir à temps partiel plutôt qu’à temps plein. Les syndicats font ce qu’ils peuvent pour demander de l’aide, mais tout dépend du gouvernement.

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