“Mono Duality”

Ben Osterhout, artist

— Throwing on the wheel, I create objects that range in form from classic styled shapes to abstract decorative pieces. I like to use ceramics as a ground for my paintings. I have found that throwing on the wheel is meditative, and the three dimensionality of the form helps to accentuate my drawings. With my imagery I prefer to leave the meanings ambiguous because I believe that individuals create a stronger bond with a piece when they create their own narratives. Using my cartoon style, I attempt to arrange the figures and patterns in a surreal scene from my subconscious. I am interested in visually exploring the psychology and emotions in beauty, the grotesque, fear, sex, and repetition.



“Mono Duality.”







Ben_Osterhout_Delicate_Matters_With_No Speaking



“Delicate Matters With No Speaking.”







Ben_Osterhout_Hope and Nothing


“Hope and Nothing”


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