Iowa Student Zach Wahls: Why I’m Defending My Two Moms

As discussed in the audio lecture, after IA college student Zach Wahls testified about being raised by lesbian mothers before the IA judiciary about a proposed new law, the video of his testimony went viral.  Here is his response to this event and a discussion of his upbringing.

Vogue plays dress-up with little girls

Here is the blog I referenced in the online lecture analyzing the 15-page pictorial in a 2011 French Vogue issue featuring girls dressed as adult women in provocative poses.

This is a great example of the same pattern we are using in our Class Business blogs of building interest, establishing credibility with and educating your audience through citation of experts, and concluding with why this issue is important.  Note how it is visually easy to scan for key ideas through the short paragraphs and sub-headings, with pictures throughout to hold reader interest.

10-year-old Vogue model: Pretty or pretty weird?

The December/January issue of French Vogue ignited controversy in 2011 when they featured a 10-year-old girl with a sultry look, plunging neckline, full make-up and spike heels on the cover.  The picture on this link has been cropped.  If you want to see the entire picture, click on the article link below about government bans on this type of picture.

This article discusses how France, Britian, and other countries have worked to ban underage, sexualized models or child beauty pageants.  This article features the full picture of the French Vogue cover referenced in first article.