Bruce Jenner: Macho Man to… Her?

I’ll admit that the Kardashians are one of my guilty pleasures.  After a long day, it’s nice to de-stress by watching their ridiculous drama!  I’d never considered the Kardashians as educational in anyway, until recently.  The head of their family, Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, is very publicly announcing his transition from a man to a woman.


I was honestly shocked when I first saw the commercials and magazine headlines announcing Bruce’s transition.  My shock turned into true respect after I watched his interview with Diane Sawyer (I’m still referring to Bruce with male pronouns because that’s what he stated he wanted in the interview).  I think it’s a really positive thing to have such a public and renowned figure come out as transgender and document their transition.  I also think that our country and culture has come a long way, but there is still a lot of violence, hate, and opposition towards those who are transgender.  By having Bruce as an unofficial spokesperson giving out information in a positive light, maybe this community can be more understood and accepted.  Regardless of your own opinions about the Kardashians, I think everyone can agree that Bruce is brave and deserves respect during this process.