Aint No Way to Treat a Lady

When I first started learning about gender and gender norms in this class, I could not help but think of country music videos. As many people know, country music tends to stereotype men and women into gender roles, especially women. Girls wearing sexy or skimpy clothing, being objectified to please her man, and shown doing the domestic work are all interpreted from many country songs and music videos. Recently, Maddie and Tae’s breakout hit, “Girl in a Country Song,” breaks away from the stereotypes that have been laid on women and throws them right back at you. The artists took various hit country songs objectifying women and rewrote the lyrics for a twist outlook. Maddie and Tae’s lyrics tell us that girls are not a cliché and deserve some respect. The music video even takes a different approach and uses role reversal by dressing the men up as “the stereotypical country girl.” I think “Girl in a Country Song” is a humorous and lighthearted way of breaking away from the gender norms and showing that girls have the right to a little respect.