“Service to the whole without seeking honor for thyself” – CHI

The third pillar of the CHC is Scholarship, which is often defined as, “It’s not more work, it’s different work.” All throughout high school, I was co-enrolled in a governor’s school and I took almost all AP classes and numerous dual-enrollment college courses. From this experience, I felt fairly prepared to take on the new challenge of being in an honors college.

As described in my posts about my first two Honors courses, CTZN 110 and EDUC 245, the content was not necessarily harder for me to grasp, but my method of thinking did have to be adapted. Specifically in my CTZN 110 course, there were almost no individual assignments and most of our work was done was groups. We had to work together to problem-solve and be confident in our abilities.  At the end of the semester, our class presented multiple panel arguments at Longwood’s esteemed bi-annual Research and Symposium Day. This presentation was previously unheard of from first-semester freshman students, and it was an honor to be a part of this event!

In the future, I look forward to having more Honors courses and thinking in an “outside-of-the-box” environment.