EDUC 245

EDUC 245 was the first course that I took that was associated with my Nursing degree. This was also the second Honors course that I took my first semester as a freshman. Due to the fact that this was an Honors section Nursing course, only Honors Nursing students were enrolled in this section. This was a fantastic motivator for me to perform well because I was able to bond with fellow Nursing peers who also highly valued the pillars of the Cormier Honors College. Also, our instructor Professor Kelli Taylor is the Clinical Coordinator for the Nursing program, and she was an Honors Nursing student herself when she was a student at Longwood. This created an even more positive environment throughout the course!

This course was titled “Child Development and Psychology,” and it focused on the physical, cognitive, genetic, and emotional growth of a child from conception to early adulthood. The difference between this course and a non-Honors section was our course meeting time and our final project. Instead of meeting two or three times a week, we only met once a week during the late evening. This arrangement encouraged a lot of independent learning on my part, which helped me form better studying habits. Additionally, this learned independence also helped me conduct my final project because I had built more confidence in regard to time management and professionalism.

For our final project, we had to use our knowledge from the course to evaluate three children at different developmental stages of their lives. I did this through virtual interviews and by asking specifically researched questions. My goal for this paper and presentation was to determine the correlation of cognitive development to emotional attachment and social interaction. Click the link below is to my final paper, which documents my research and evaluation process, as well as my interpretations and recommendations.