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Day 13 — Tutorials, Again #2

Hey, all! Welcome back to CryptoCL.

Today I continued my work on the Hands-On OpenCL tutorial. I didn’t make much headway, since I was busy juggling another project that needed more urgent attention along with these tutorials.

Last time, I was having trouble with Exercise 06. I was able to figure out that issue and solve it, as the code that was given was causing issue. Perhaps they were in anticipation for systems with multiple Devices? Simply commenting out that code fixed the issue, and I replaced it by defining a DEVICE variable that sets the device type to default. After that issue was fixed, the program runs the sequential calculation well, but then is unable to solve the OpenCL computation. I was stuck on this for an hour, until I noticed that the kernel source code did not have an implementation. I wrote an implementation, but found it wasn’t the correct implementation. The Hands-On OpenCL git repository actually provides an implementation in a presentation slideshow file. Once implemented, the code now correctly calculates vector multiplication matrices!

I moved on to Exercise07, where the goal is to calculate vector multiplication matrices by row, instead of at row x and column y. I edited the kernel source, but was unable to get the exercise working.

Next time, I will continue working on my exercises. Dr. Marmorstein has been sick for the week, so we might or might not meet tomorrow. Until next time!

Kyle Jenkins.

Time spent today: 3 hours
Total Time: 19 hours

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