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Day 16 — Tutorials, Again #5

Hey, all! Welcome to CryptoCL.

After meeting with Dr. Marmorstein, we’re putting in a bit more time into the Hands-On OpenCL tutorials. I’m still working toward solving Exercise 09 — using the given solutions in the git repository.

Going through and implementing the solution, I’m running into an issue with some of the command that the solution uses. The commands are a function called “getWorkGroupInfo”, called by the kernel, and “getInfo” called by the OpenCL device. It seems to think that getWorkGroupInfo has no matching function, but this is not true since the solution calls this function. The second error, however, might be an issue that DEVICE is a defined variable, and does not match the cl::Device object that calls the function. I have some ideas in mind to fix it, but that is for another day.

I’ll continue to work on these throughout the week, until I meet with Marmorstein about designing our cryptographic algorithm to use that is compatible with OpenCL.

Until next time!

Kyle Jenkins

Time spent today: 2 hours
Total Time: 23 hours 30 minutes

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