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Day 17 — Tutorials, Again #6

Hey all! Welcome to CryptoCL.

As we’re nearing the final days of working on the Hands-On OpenCL tutorial, I am wrapping up Exercise #09. On Thursday, I was able to resolve the issues I was facing with getWorkGroupSize and getInfo. Both problems were resolved by declaring and assigning a cl::Device, instead of using the DEVICE defined variable.

The program began to seg fault after these issues were resolved and I was able to program the code. The cause of the seg faults appeared to be some issues of some un=assigned values, values that were not assigned correct values, and filling a vector that would hold the partial sums of the program was being assigned the incorrect amount of items. After fixing these assignments and removing the for loop to fill the vector, the program runs to completion, but does not return the right value.

I met with Dr. Marmorstein to discuss the solution and, after digging through the code, we discovered that a value “nwork_groups” was not being initialized before the partial sum vector was being created, so the vector was being initialized as a vector of a null size. Switching around the order of code allows for the program to run and print the correct value of pi.

Lastly, during this same meeting, my next plan of action was made clear — I am to study a project found on GitHub called clblake. It is an implementation of an older version of BLAKE using OpenCL. Having a look at how GitHub user wfr handled implementing the cryptographic algorithm can offer insight on how we can implement our own implementation.

Until next time!

Kyle Jenkins

Time spent today: 2 hours 30 minutes
Total Time: 26 hours

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