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Day 14 — Tutorials, Again #3 and The Game Plan

Hey, all! Welcome to CryptoCL.

Today, I made some progress on my Hands-On OpenCL exercises and met with Dr. Marmorstein about what’s next for the project.

The issue I was having with Exercise #07 was that I had assumed that the code I was given was a base for what I needed to do, and was correct. This was a wrong assumption, as a cl::NDRange variable called global, which states what the dimension range of the given arguments for the kernel function, was incorrect*. It was set to be a two-dimensional variable, wherein it was supposed to be one-dimensional. After setting it to be one-dimensional of size N, and then declaring a cl::NDRange local variable of size N divided by 16, which means it would be 64 (as N is size 1024). For Exercise #07, I also needed to store the values of the A matrix to private memory. This saw an x4 improvement to the OpenCL portion of the program, compared to Exercise #06.

Exercise #08, on the other hand, utilized the local memory declaration, and called for me to store the B matrix to local memory. This further increased the time.

*Note: As I am writing this post, I believe this implementation may be wrong, as these matrices are two-dimensional. I will have to look at these exercises again and make sure.

Now reaching Exercise #09, I met with Dr. Marmorstein about what the plan would be for this week. The goal is to continue through the exercises, and then next week we will continue attempting to take what we learned into the BLAKE2 implementation, however, the chances are that we will utilize a custom cryptograph, instead. The custom hash would be able to excel with confusion, where the ciphertext and key become so scrambled and altered that it is difficult to establish a relationship between them, using OpenCL. However, the hash would have a difficult time with diffusion, in which each byte of the plaintext should equate to a portion of the ciphertext (and change the ciphertext if changed).

Over this week, I will be continuing with my exercises, and will post my progress as I do so. Thank you for reading!

Kyle Jenkins

Time spent today: 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 hours 15 minutes

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