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Day 12 — Tutorials, Again #1

Hey, all! Welcome to CryptoCL.

Today, I did a few of the Exercises in the Hands-On OpenCL tutorial mentioned yesterday. I’ve done every tutorial up to and stopped at Exercise #6.

The first two tutorials were mostly to check your system to see if you were able to run OpenCL on your system. Exercise #3 had you analyze a given program and understand what is happening within the program — it was adding two vectors together, and would return how many passed and would also return any equations that were wrong.

The fourth one is where things would get tricky. It was the same program, but they wanted you to run the program 3 times, adding vectors D, E, F, and G. First you would find C = A + B, then D = C + E, and finally return F = D + G. I ran the same function three times, except I replaced the inputs with the inputs I needed, and changed C and D to Read and Write. Eventually, I got the program to work after also changing places where I was supposed to return C values to be places I return F values.

The fifth one, I feel, was easier than the fourth exercise. In the fifth exercise, you had to change the program and kernel to add an additional vector, which I named D. Nothing was entirely complicated about it — the only thing I needed to do was add the D vector to wherever I needed it.

I stopped at the sixth exercise, which will require me to create an OpenCL program from scratch to multiply vectors. However, using the previous programs as a base, I think this exercise will be easy.

Next time, I’ll talk more about the upcoming Exercises in the tutorial. Stay tuned!

Kyle Jenkins.

Time spent today: 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time: 16 hours

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