ECON 217- Honors Microeconomics

Above is a link to one of my papers from Dr. Marks class. Throughout the semester the Honors students had to work on a research project on an economic phenomenon known as the Resource Curse that effected many developing countries. Through this project I learned many real world applications of what we learning and how economics tied into real life. The culmination of the entire project was the paper I have posted above. This project was one of the most interesting things I did at Longwood to date and is something I still discuss frequently over a semester later.

In Dr. Marks Honors Section of ECON 217, I learned many things. This was the most most demanding class I took last semester. Dr. Marks expected nothing less than perfect from her students, and those expectations were only higher for the Honors students she had in her class. Throughout the semester I gained a great knowledge of how economics and the economy itself works, opening my eyes to the beginnings of the world of professional business. With this knowledge came a great passion for business and economics that carried over to this semester when I signed up for an Economics Minor. This class truly taught me how college course workloads would be, and was an important part of my growth as a student and as a business administration major.

My Longwood Journey